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With a bit of planning, your next vacation could include some healthy doses of physical activities you enjoy and enhance your well-being.

A tale of two sales managers vacationing for good health
A year ago, while visiting OC headquarters two OC sales managers from different parts of the country met and became friends. Jen Eshelman from Chicago loves to ski, and Sue Sanzari from eastern North Carolina is committed to an active lifestyle. They shared stories about their lives and learned they had something in common besides working for OC — both have suffered similar knee injuries.

They quickly bonded as friends by talking about their sports and the challenges of their recoveries. Within months, Jen and Sue discovered they also shared the love of travel and decided to take a vacation together to Norway.

While on their trip, Jen and Sue logged over 70 miles of walking and completed a rigorous climb up one of the country’s famous peaks — Preikestolen, also called the Pulpit Rock.

Healthy Living helped Jen and Sue prepare and stay healthy
“The Healthy Living program keeps me conscience of how much I’m being active,” said Jen, who logs her steps, manages her stress, and tracks the quality of her sleep.

Sue credits the program with helping her maintain healthy cholesterol and BMI numbers, as well as tracking steps with her Fitbit.

What’s next for these healthy-minded travelers? Both Jen and Sue are planning future vacations with plenty of activities and adventures on foot.

Jen and Sue’s active vacation advice

  1. Explore your destination by walking as much as possible.
  2. Track your steps for fun and for Healthy Living rewards.
  3. Bring appropriate footwear, plus any gear for more rigorous activities.
  4. Do your homework by researching activities, costs, and how to get there.
  5. Eat what’s good for you because there’s no need to take a vacation from healthy eating habits.